Al di là del vetro – Allan Saint Denis solo exhibition

Al di là del vetro

Allan Saint Denis solo exhibition

4 – 23 giugno 2020

La Fonderia art gallery, in this time of great difficulty and social distancing, continues to make arte in a new and original way, reinventing itself by bringing exhibitions and artists who tell and express themselves through their works to our homes.

Thus begins a new cycle of events that will see the La Fonderia working with new projects, in particular on digital and which already has a second project on June 24th.
The exhibition Al di là del vetro by Allan Saint Denis will inaugurate, on June 4th 2020 at 6.00 pm, with a recorded video visible on the Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels. It will encapture the essence of Galleria La Fonderia, forging art and ideas that are expressed through dense creative paths.

A conversation with interested parties is possible by appointment. At which time one will be able to view the works in person with respect to the protection of the customers and of the gallery space

It is a path common to other American artists what Allan Saint Denis does during his studies starting at the famous New York Academy of Art (which was founded by Andy Warhol) and then arriving in Florence in search of the great masters of the Renaissance and then interpreting this art journey in a completely personal way.  As such, basing his work on the search for the expression of something very intimate.

The works have a deep and intrinsic meaning that express what the artist most conceals. Through using an opaque barrier, the artist brings out, brushstroke after brushstroke, the revelation of reality underneath that render his works special, intimate and personal.

The figures are hidden by a patina like that of water vapor that hides them behind glass. An expressive force breaks through these works that both conceal and at the same time reveal. In a quiet way, the human thoughts and intimacy of the artist engage in a game between clear and ambiguous.

The veil for me” says the artist, “creates a mystery in my paintings which would otherwise be too obvious. Steam is a metaphor for the veneers we all carry, those masks behind which we all hide. Eliminating the fog allows me to reveal the hidden truth underneath. As my work is based on realism, the misty illusion positions the subject in a defined space, whether a shower, bath or behind a rainy window.”

 The human figures are frozen in time and are seemingly detached from the constant, frenzy motion of the outside world. They are embodied by the thoughts of the artists as he reveals their intimacy and their vulnerability in a continuous dialogue between the work and the viewer.

“As far as I remember, being creative has always given me great joy. Art for me is a vehicle for expressing my inner feelings that I otherwise would not share with the world.
The subjects have their own thoughts that they permanently imprint on their bodies through the designs of the tattoos. In contrast, the words written in steam on the shower are as fleeting as our emotions.

Allan has already exhibited his works in New York, in various galleries between Chelsea and Southampton and in an exhibition at Sotheby’s as well as being included in numerous private collections.

Elisa Frego