Belve – Matteo Moni solo show

September 16th  – October 1st 2022

Galleria d’arte La Fonderia


On Friday, September 16th, at 6:00 p.m., at Galleria d’arte la Fonderia in Florence, Fondente will open Belve, a solo exhibition of its young artist Matteo Moni.

Painting; Matteo Moni; Skinned self portrait; mixed media on cardboard;

Belve focuses on a world made of primordial instinct, fairs and distorted characters, bundles of muscles and violent expressions that create a whirlwind of passions into a timeless space. Here distant reminiscences come to mind in the form of imaginary worlds, where the memories of the arcane visions of the Hieronymus Bosch’s boards, painted with monstrous creatures, mix with the fluid painting of the young artist. It is important to observe every single detail of flesh, skin and eyes that peer into us, because every detail of Moni’s work must provoke strong emotions, make body and soul vibrate, generating questions whose answers are only in the eyes of the beholder.

Matteo Moni, a young artist from Ravenna, is one of the emerging talents selected by Fondente, an innovative startup that works to create value around contemporary art, designing and developing a

Painting; Matteo Moni; run away animals; oil on canvas;

sustainable, regenerative, circular, prosperous and lasting economic, social and cultural model.

Art was born to unite and communicate and Fondente is its full expression.



Matteo Moni solo exhibition

Opening Friday, September 16th at 18.00

From september 16th to october 1st

Galleria d’arte La Fonderia

Via della Fonderia 42R Firenze

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 10.00-13.00 15.30-19.30

Tel. 055 221758



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