di Tracce e di Luce – Guarneri, Rapetti Mogol e Cigni

May 11 – June 15 2024

Galleria d’arte La Fonderia presents di Tracce e di Luce, an exhibition-dialogue between Riccardo Guarneri, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol and Filippo Cigni.
The exhibition, which Gasparotti Giada will present during the inauguration, focuses on nine works that lead to reflections on the languages ​​of signs, words, lights and their shadows. The reflection conducted focuses on the dialogue of the three artists belonging to three different generations, juxtaposing work next to work, techniques consolidated over time alongside ongoing research and experimentation. Riccardo Guarneri places himself at the center of the exhibition as a master of veiled colors, where the shapes and colors pass through the light and the supports in rigorous harmony: a canvas and two recent papers dialogue with Cigni on the theme of light and with Rapetti Mogol on the theme of the trace. The Guarneri–Cigni connection is centered on a suspension, made up of a rarefied and evanescent painting for one and silent spaces for the other. The works participate in an inverse game in the discovery of light, some creating a balance made of veils that emerge, the others sinking into the Image from the material through the ways of the Symbol.
Rapetti Mogol focuses on the importance of the trace and the word, in a game that is sometimes sacred and sometimes destabilizing. The graphic sign and writing connect Guarneri and Rapetti Mogol in the search for formal balances: the lyrical-descriptive language present in Guarneri’s works on display dialogues with Rapetti Mogol’s desire to de-signify the word, where the writings are charged with a purely human value and are placed as a means to remain engraved in the collective memory.
After the success of the personal exhibition dedicated to him last October, Galleria d’arte La Fonderia called Filippo Cigni to compare himself with the two artists already established in the art world. Cigni’s works have increasingly explored the essence and meaning of the material with which he works: through these a process of active imagination is triggered, to then transcend and transfigure the work in the perception of the observer. Like Rapetti Mogol, the attention to and on the material dominates the works themselves, both favoring materials where the color is given by their composition and the action of time on them.
The gallery thus invites us to reflect on the nature of traces and light, on how they have accompanied the research path of each artist for thousands of years and how this is the basis for reflection on their painting and on the meaning of painting in itself.
The exhibition, with the organizational support of Riccardo Nicoletti, will be open to visitors until 15 June 2024.