Dis-Illusioni. Tra aspettative e realtà – A-criticArt solo show

6 – 17 may 2023

Dis-Illusioni. Tra Aspettative e Realtà is the chosen title for the solo show of A-criticArt, scheduled from Saturday 6 May – with the opening at 6 PM – at Galleria d’arte La Fonderia in Florence, Via della Fonderia 42R.

Quadro; dipinto; AcriticArt; Ritratto John Lennon con parole; matita e china su carta; Galleria d'arte La Fonderia;

With this solo exhibition A-criticArt presents works that investigate psyche and perceptions, within which every aspect is examined, reworked and outlined. Self-made, he has always dedicated himself to the creation of portraits; his subjects are initially inspired by characters and icons of cinema, music and sport. His interest in communication, his degree in psychology and the study of the expression of emotions have influenced his artistic research.

The four series of works, specially created for this exhibition, take different forms of language and theme, each linked by a psychological thread:

Calligrammi/Ritratti con le parole. Through the lyrics of the songs the profiles of famous international bands are outlined. Do we really know the band we love or is it just a chosen representation that we are fond of? Using the words of their texts, their portraits are composed, materializing the images and illusions that we are led to project on them.

Puzzle. A series of portraits that investigates the pathological conditions afflicting the human mind, whose technical choice is linked to the idea that a person’s personality is composed of numerous variables and factors that interact and intertwine, such as, in fact, the pieces of a puzzle.

Quadro; A-criticArt; Rittratto che vomita pezzi di puzzle; matita su carta; dipinto

Paesaggi. The places, the characteristic views of well-known cities, are immortalized here in different perspectives, maintaining a generally valid familiarity. The human being has built, over time, buildings and environments with which he is in a continuous interaction but which acquire value depending on the sociability that crosses them and the perception of singularity.

Telefoni/Attraverso lo schermo. The juxtaposition of screens tells the story of social and digital fragmentation of the relationship between man and technology. From the use of devices for practical purposes what has resulted, in our time, is a fragility compared to technological dependence. A sense of incompleteness follows when those devices are missing, as would happen in removing one of the elements from the works’ compositions.

What is therefore exhibited in the premises of the Gallery is a game made of pencil and ink marks, a game where the gaze will find itself deceived or stimulated to look for a composite truth, which can not immediately be grasped.

The artist has numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including Florence, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Opatija (Croatia) and a solo show at the Galleria d’arte La Fonderia in Florence in 2020.