L’arte appesa a un filo

19th september – 3rd october 2021


Ephemeral and accessory, purely aesthetic, futile and with complex concepts, this is how many understand art, especially in this climate of uncertainty and instability, in a moment when the essential things in life are what really matters. So, the period we are living sweeps and pushes away what instead knows how to stimulate us, knows how to amaze us with creativity and knows how to give us well-being through the thought it transmits.

astratto su collage verde e bluIt is with this collective exhibition,k that will be inaugurated in the presence of Cecilia Del Re Councilor of the Municipality of Florence for Tourism, Fairs and Congresses, Technological Innovation, Urban Planning, Environment, Urban Agriculture, Informative Systems, that the young La Fonderia Art Gallery, headed by the historian Niccolò Mannini,  does not want to be shipwrecked and surrender in the face of a period of crisis. Instead, it wants to proposes a reflection on art, on the national and international art market which, like other sectors, are currently experiencing a profound economic crisis. “Art is also comfort and where it is difficult to see the sun, an artwork can give birth to it, changing the mood and climate of a home”. This is the motto of the young gallery that continues to work to bring art and artists to everyone’s knowledge.

Art is emotion, not only a concept that is difficult to understand, it is what shakes feelings and makes us human. These are the thoughts that must characterize art and artistic production which at this moment is hanging by a wire not being recognized as an important element for our well-being. Critical issues and instability of art also communicated through the same setting of the exhibition: works hanging from wires that hang from the ceiling, thin wires that if broken can cause the works to fall and destroy. Hence the thought of saving art by cutting the wire and bringing into everyone’s houses a work that saves our soul, nourishes our emotions and opens our horizons.

Artists exhibited: A-criticArt, Vinicio Berti, Giovanni Cecchini, Giuseppe Chiari, Claudio Cionini, Marco Ferri, Leopoldo Innocenti, Riccardo Macinai, Simone Masetto Maghe, Allan Saint Denis.

Following the safety and distancing measures put in place, please confirm your presence at the vernissage on 19 September at 18.30

Vernissage 19 september 2020, 6.30 PM
From the 19th september to the 3rd october 2020 

Opening time: from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 01:00 PM, 3:30 – 08:00 PM

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