Natura Urbana – Claudio Cionini

21st June – 4th August

Galleria d’arte La Fonderia presents Claudio Cionini’s new solo show Natura Urbana, scheduled from Wednesday 21 June – with inauguration at 6.30 pm – in its spaces in Florence, Via della Fonderia 42/R.

Quadro; dipinto; Parigi, Pioggia; strada; Acrilico su tela; Claudio Cionini; Galleria La Fonderia

Through his technique Claudio Cionini will lead us on a pictorial journey to discover, and rediscover, cities of the world, enclosed as silent fringes of daily life in his canvases. Paris, Venice, London, New York are the chosen destinations, of which we’ll be able to appreciate the unique atmospheres of these natures that man has built over time, exploiting them and bending them in his favor, becoming an integral part and engine of life. The layers of acrylic, meticulously juxtaposed on the canvas, lead our eyes on a study of the nuances of light, where they will always rediscover themselves as ever-changing and never the same, thus appreciating a canvas that lives on its and our light, creating natural and unique personal connections.

Quadro; dipinto; Parigi; Torre Eiffel; Acrilico su tela; Claudio Cionini;

The history of each city moves between the continuity of time and the variety in space, where human beings and civilization play immersed in constants and variations. What is proposed again is the original contrast between natural space and urban space, between the order of nature and architectural rationality. Every city tells a story, a translation of the people who have inhabited it and who inhabit it, preserve and transform it. By giving a body to the metropolis as a living thing, the urban network becomes the essence of its soul: a weaving of stories, memories, principles, languages ​​and desires, institutions and ideas that the city has shaped until now and which will guide its future development.

The exhibition will be open until 4 August from Tuesday to Friday 10-13 15.30-19.30 and Saturday 10-13