Paper Club – Group show

1 – 22 april 2023

Galleria d’arte La Fonderia presents Paper Club, a group exhibition that opens on Saturday 1st April at 6 PM in the headquarters of the Florentine gallery in Via della Fonderia 42/R.

Quadro; opera d'arte; Filippo Cigni; astratto bianco fatto di sale; Concettuale; La Fonderia

The selection of works on paper that will be proposed, many of which are specially created, is meant to be an invitation to young people or anyone who wants to start an art collection, to eradicate the slogan that an oeuvre is inaccessible.

The artists choosed by the gallery have been called to grapple with unique artworks dealing with a material that everyone shares either in their preparatory phases or as a fundamental support through which they express their art and urgency, too often unjustly relegated to a secondary medium: the paper.

Quadro; dipinto; occhio chiuso; Fulvio Leoncini, tecnica mista su carta;

The paper as support has been identified as one of those ways by which it may be possible to create a more spontaneous and direct dialogue between the artist and the public who visit and explore the gallery space. Perceiving paper in a familiar way, where the artists themselves could concentrate their being and their expressive techniques while keeping alive the elements that most characterize their works.

Paper Club is a free exhibition, it’s an exhibition that has been made of paper to be folded like origami that looks like a bridge between artists and a curious public. Paper Club is an exhibition to be able to enter people’s minds and homes with the same lightness of which paper itself is the symbol.

Artists on show: Fulvio Leoncini, Leopoldo Innocenti, Filippo Cigni, Irene Bulletti, Cecilia Chiavistelli, Antonio Cugnetto, Leonardo Moretti, Skim, Rossella Liccione, A-criticArt.