POV. Point Of View

20th January – 7th February 2024

From January 20th 2024, Galleria d’arte La Fonderia, in Via della Fonderia 42R in Florence, presents a group show dedicated to the latest artistic research carried out by five of the artists represented by the gallery, sharing their points of view and questioning the visitors one on the artists themselves. An exhibition that is proposed as a preview of upcoming exhibitions and projects that the Gallery will develop during the new year.

The visitor who approaches the exhibition is welcomed by Leonardo Moretti’s installation which occupies the first part of the gallery: through the connection of various paper elements and canvases, dominated by primary colors, in dialogue with black and white, Moretti leads us to a language that remains encrypted, a sort of Schrödinger’s box, inside which we find not a cat and its poison, but Art itself, with all its infinite possibilities of interpretation by the viewer.

Dipinto; Quadro; Acrilico su tavola; Monograff; Montagna su sfondo blu

Having overcome the questions and observations posed by Moretti, we enter a second exhibition part where the artists Roberto Ghezzi, Filippo Cigni, Monograff, Marco Ferri and Leopoldo Innocenti will present the latest works and techniques on which they are focusing.Roberto Ghezzi‘s works are created “together” with nature, to which its representation is entrusted, to remove it from the partial and subjective imposition of the artist. For his Naturografie he treats the canvases in such a way as to catalyze the natural processes capable of sedimenting traces, whether they are buried, left partially emerged or immersed in water. By studying in advance the behaviors and probable actions of winds, currents, waters and natural essences, he monitors the works until the collaboration between the artist and nature reaches a perfect balance for their extraction and presentation.

Filippo Cigni; Opera d'arte; Cariatide; statua immersa nella cera gialla;

The attention in the works of Filippo Cigni towards the material has gradually intensified: from an explicit interest in the myth and the symbolic values ​​of the elements with which he composed his works (pigments, enamels, sands) the works begin to self-sustaining in their entirety, designed for matter, with matter and on the matter. Works of matter that are inserted in a plexiglass case hide, preserve, protect, and conquer a space outside of time, within which there is a perennial act of improvement, initiated by the artist, and therefore the explication of the potential of the substance itself..

In his works, Monograff relies on a biochromatic painting where blue and white dominate, approaching a two-dimensionality of the engraving techniques dear to him. In the works of the last period the research is aimed at natural, vegetal and rocky subjects, which, following the theories of Gilles Clément’s Third Landscape, form a protective ecosystem where take refuge. These studies have seen a development of the technique itself, where the natural consistency of the elements is traced back to less regular shapes and accentuating their texture, becoming “abstract” and random.Marco Ferri starts from the importance of play and memory, building his works around them, through the stratification of various materials and acids. Rhythmic modules full of childish innocence, which mark the times of the stories told, to be able to savor the emotional aspects and rediscover a more intimate and welcoming feeling. Works that seem to come from a remote past, archaeological finds that bring to mind a visual melody.Leopoldo Innocenti, with an alchemical approach and a figurative painting close to Central European expressionism, studies the interactions between colors and interpersonal relationships, the distinctiveness and interiority of man, with his most intimate and tormented sides. Layers of images, extrapolated from one’s own experience or the most hidden corners of the psyche, come to life in the natural world.

The exhibition will be open until February 7th from Tuesday to Saturday 10am-1pm and 3.30pm-7.30pm.