Sherwin “Otto” Sacramento

Sherwin is a Filipino-Italian artist and designer born in Tarlac , Philippines in 1979. He migrated to Italy when he was a teenager. Sherwin was trained at Institute of European Design in Milan.  He has been in the creative industry for almost two decades working for well-known Italian fashion brands.  His most fulfilling contributions include installations that combined art, design and fashion. His creative journey has been shaped by his relationships and collaborations with artists from Italy, Colombia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

“HEAD MAZE & HUMAN MAZE. My art is my meditation. The process is about examining myself and my surroundings: it is my way to observe and to get closer to the space of reality between.

The world of bodily sensation is captured within the maze of my work. The deliverance of visual representation of the patterns, the source, the factors that condition our sensations and create our own realities is my ambition.

The single line that interconnects brain and heart speaks of wholesomeness. It is my view of a balanced mind de-conditioned from external attachments, cravings, aversions, fears and dogma.”


XY Exhibit, Pineapple Lab, Makati City – Philippines


Bukás, Pinto Art, Manhattan – New York

Alay 20, Boston Art Gallery, Quezon City – Philippines

Seven In Consortium, GIG Gallery, Makati City – Philippines


Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo City, Rizal – Philippines