Simone Masetto Maghe

Simone Masetto Maghe was born in Portogruaro, the birthplace of Luigi Russolo, the visionary inventor of the “Intonarumori” and signer of the futurist manifesto with Marinetti. Enjoying an innate pop-futurist influence, he actually started his own artistic research as a young man, under the guidance of Giuseppe Pope Galli who directed him to a professional art school. After obtaining the master’s degree in textile arts in Venice, from 2002 to 2007 he coordinates a protected workshop within a social cooperative which aims to reinsert people with serious communication difficulties in various work environments, through the arts of decoration. silk and manual weaving. In these years, he produced in parallel, for the Magma store in Milan, a limited series of cushions and bags of fabric printed in xylography and painted numerous paintings that represent, with a “pop” taste, objects worn out by everyday use such as ironing boards, taps , bathroom fixtures, washing machines and various appliances. He moved to the Lombard capital in 2008 and continued his artistic studies, graduating in 2015 in Painting at the “Academy of Fine Arts”. From 2014 to today Simone Masetto Maghe has been conducting research based on the aesthetic values and expressive potential of velvet in Contemporary Art, transfiguring the noble fabric with particular peculiarities into a timeless investigation area where micro and macro cosmos coexist in the pictorial dimension. “Velvet becomes an infinite canvas, a boundless and peaceful place where I can express my humanity. When I find the right one I like to observe it closely with a lens, studying its touch and shine, I always catch with a certain amazement the marks my fingers leave on the surface while I prepare it on the frame; I caress it, touch it gently and sometimes I start to work still folded in on itself with bleach and acrylics for a new imaginary Big Bang! ” In the summer of 2016, during a spiritual retreat in Orvieto, he meets the woman who will bring him closer to Islamic mysticism and the Sufi tradition. Simone Masetto Maghe after a decade spent in Milan, in 2017 he moved to Montespertoli on the Florentine hills. Here, inspired by the softness of the Tuscan landscape and the works of Renaissance masters, he connotes his painting of natural elements such as trees, plants, leaves, flowers and insects: symbols in which to scrutinize the contemplative aspects on the significance and value of life. He soon began to collaborate with some Florentine companies very attentive to the fusion trends between art, fashion and interior design, such as Alessandro Bini Tessuti d’Italia and the BisBag artisan leather goods, which bravely were able to grasp and enhance the style by responding positively to the message. by Vellutoitaliano. “I wanted to call my research this because I have always been attracted to manual and creative work, with particular attention to Italian artistic craftsmanship. Vellutoitaliano is not just a name but a tribute to the noble Made in Italy rich in history and people in love with their profession. Like my father, son of peasants and a lifelong welder worker, he was able to generously pass on to me the experience and passion of building anything with his own hands starting simply from the drawing, totally immersed in the presence and in the Here and Now.

Esposizioni significative:
“Aesthetic Oblivion” Saphira&Ventura Gallery, Manhattan, New York, a cura di Graziella Schenetti, Giugno-Ottobre.
“Velvet Now ” solo Exibition Assicurazioni Zurich di Tommaso Lisa, Firenze, Marzo-Aprile
“Love Kihel’s” solo Exibition presso Kihel’s Store in Via del Corso 53, Firenze, dal 1 al 28 Febbraio
“Parigi Deco Off” esposizione internazionale di tessuti per l’arredo, in collaborazione con Alessandro
Bini Tessuti d’Italia, presso Rive Gauche a Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Parigi dal 18 al 22 Gennaio
“Concorso Spiga d’argento” 37esima edizione, Montagnana in Val di Pesa, Firenze dal 6 al 14 Gennaio
“Velvet Martini” solo Exibition, Terrazza Martini, Piazza Duomo Milano, dal 1 al 31 Dicembre
“Paratissima n° 12” To the stars, 2-6 Novembre 2016, Torino Esposizioni
“Velvet Breath” solo Exibition, Antico Oratorio della Passione, Basilica di S. Ambrogio, Milano dal 10 al
20 Novembre, a cura di Lartquotidien , Elisabetta Maria Mero, (CAT.)
“Vorwerk Folletto Art Lab” esposizione co.Fondazione Catella di Milano, dal 16 al 30 Settembre
“Premio Cobat” esposizione presso Museo Fattori, Livorno, 25 Giugno 16 Luglio
“Costellazioni Binarie” personale per Studifestival#2 con opere di An Yuanyuan nello studio di Simone Masetto Maghe,
13 Marzo, a cura di Simone Masetto Maghe, Fuorisalone Milano
“In nero” Zoia Gallery and Lab, a cura di Nuccio Rotolo e Erica Lacava, Milano, 6 Novembre – 8
Dicembre, Milano, articolo di Alessandro Rizzo su Passparnous
“L’invisibile si Mostra: quando la tecnologia incontra l’arte”, Artisti di Brera e Arnaldo Pomodoro al
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, L. da Vinci presso Sala delle Colonne,
a cura di Marco Meneguzzo, Milano, 1 – 7 Ottobre
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Guercio, Venezia, 7 Maggio – 30 Giugno
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Camera del commercio , Milano, 29 Giugno – 6 Luglio 2015
“Studi Aperti Festival, prima edizione” studio personale di Simone Masetto Maghe, a cura di Undo.
Net , Vincenzo Chiarandà, Milano, 10 – 15 febbraio
“Any Given Post-it” mostra collettiva presso White Noise Gallery, a cura di Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti ed
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nella reinterpretazione di S. Apollonia”, mostra collettivaa cura di Cornelia Carrara, Bergamo.
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“Sotto il segno della balena” Primo premio del concorso fotografico Sculture di Nicola Salvatore, Villa
Olmo, Como, Ottobre 2013