Tra mito e realtà – Between myth and reality

Giuliano Giuggioli and Claudio Cionini

From the 10th to the 28th October 2020

Archived the ‘reflection’ on the historical period and on the art system proposed with the collective “L’arte appesa a un filo”, art gallery La Fonderia, localized in the homonymous street, presents two of the most significant artists of our heritage national, Giuliano Giuggioli and Claudio Cionini; both painters of Maremma origins, they boast solid curricula of top-level exhibitions and

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illustrious critics who have written and discussed their art.

With the new exhibition, “Tra Mito e Realtà”, the page is turned: history goes along on its path, and a strong signal is given, ‘we can still, we must still’. The ideas are there, artists who add something and generously offer it to all of us are there too.

The soul of this exhibition is that fil rouge that is ideally found in the works presented by the two artists, who, although different in their art, have painted the ‘Myth’, that heritage of all civilizations we have known, as well as that term with many meanings which appears almost inevitable in cultured painting and which has its roots in classicism, in Giuggioli, but is equally present, although instantly less evident, in the metropolises of Cionini which, in their identity – and just think of New York today seen as a modern Olympus, and just think of Minerva, protector of Athens, the metropolis par excellence of classicism -, they have become synonyms in the common sense.

On the walls of La Fonderia we will be welcomed, in an impact of strong suggestion because placed one next to the other, a view of the Thames and the Achaeans who simulate retreating from Troy; Central park and Icarus; Minerva and Los Angel; to remind us that the myth, then as now, is that real dream, lived daily, from whom no civilization can escape.

The exhibition, which will be presented by the journalist Jacopo Chiostri, will remain open until 28 October.

Following the safety and distancing measures put in place, please confirm your presence at the vernissage

Giuliano Giuggioli was born in 1951 in Vetulonia, in the province of Grosseto. His artistic training followed a routine that was customary in other times: self-taught, he learned all the painting and printing techniques by assiduously frequenting the workshops, the printing works and the artistic sites, forming a solid general and above all professional culture. Currently his production ranges from large oil paintings, to sanguine, to techniques on paper and wood, frescoes, murals, ceramics, etchings, serigraphs and lithographs.

In 2004 he also dedicated himself to the activity of set designer, creating the scenes for the musical “Cleopatra”, by Lamberto Stefanelli.

He participated in the last five editions of the Art Expo in New York, where he was also a guest of the city’s exclusive Circle of Artists.

Many of his works have been published by the magazine “Anima Mundi”, Eri / Rai editions, directed by Gabriele La Porta. Giuggioli exhibited both in Italy and abroad, including in Switzerland in 1994, in San Francisco (USA) in 2005, at the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno in Florence in 2012 and Lisbon in 2017.

Claudio Cionini was born in Grosseto in 1978. He attended the Art School of Grosseto and the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, where he began his exhibition activity in 2000. His attention immediately turns to the industrial landscape, a reality

Painting; Claudio Cionini; Skyline of Los Angeles; Acrylic on canvas;

that surrounds him in the city where he has always resided, Piombino.
In 2011 at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera he exhibited a series of works dedicated to the Piombino steel mills and a series of paintings that portray the great world cities, especially American, from New York to Los Angeles, and others, from Melbourne to Tokyo. He is fascinated by the idea of ​​bringing these big cities together almost as if it were a single boundless global metropolis. To create his works, he uses images that come from the web and cinema: “global” communication tools par excellence.
In 2013, at the exhibition “INSTANTI – Under the Skin of Images” in the Angelica Gallery in Rome, he created some paintings dedicated to the eternal city; one of these, which portrays Piazza del Popolo, was donated to the Senate of the Italian Republic. Cionini has made numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the 2008 solo at the Archaeological Museum of Fiesole, the 2010 solo “Glimpses of truth” at the Arezzo Contemporary Art Gallery and, in 2015, at Palazzo Panichi of Pietrasanta.