Our services

We ensure a relationship with our collectors and customers based on professional competence, transparency and courtesy.

We offer the opportunity to help the customer in the choice of some works instead of others, based on the furniture and personal tastes with willingness, without obligation, to carry out a placement test on site just to allow you to make a convinced and satisfying choice, without obligation.

We can issue certificates of provenance from the gallery with a guarantee of authenticity and eventual narration of the history of the work as well as advice for those interested in deepening / understanding one or more works in particular or artists.

We offer the possibility of exchanging the work with others if not satisfied with the purchase.

We invest in the artists we are dealing with, so we can tell what a good investment can be.

Worldwide shipping.

Our location with its width, elegance, functionality and an over 70 mq exhibition surface, it has been studied to guest pieces of art of 900s Masters, together with emerging artists who aspire to enhance their work, to let people know it by personal or collective exhibitions in the gallery.

It is possible to rent easels for expositions, events, exhibitions or fairs, both in Tuscany or in any other Italian region. The easels, foldable and entirely realized in walnut wood, are equipped with adjustable rungs, according to your own needs.

grandangolo con dipinti Cecchini e Bresciani