Leopoldo Innocenti

Born in Florence in 1994, he graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in pictorial arts.

Engaged in a continuous research and realization of graphic-pictorial works, Innocenti uses drawing as the main expressive element that comes from graphic works on notebooks which then turn into pictorial creations, mainly preserving the black line, keeping the paper as the main support. This becomes a primary element of expressive research, where layers or pieces torn and glued successively participate in the phenomenon of creation-destruction and recomposition of the work. The artist experiences this continuous process which takes the form of an image.

What characterizes the true purpose of the work is to get to h truth that emerges and opposes the instability of the world.

The restless mental landscape marked by the tension between spirituality and matter, form and thought, is realized in an image that does not enclose, but opens to the plurality of meaning