Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

Born in Milan in 1961, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol has always breathed an artistic air at home: music, literature, and poetry. Still very young, he was introduced into the milieu of Milanese painters by his maternal grandfather Alfredo De Pedrini, president of the Associazione Arti Grafiche. At sixteen he attended the school of comics in Milan for two years, collaborating with newspapers and publishers. However, what really fascinates him is painting, despite not being able to immediately settle his experimentation: the styles are fragmented and the production rather small. The big turning point came in 1996, when Alessandro Algardi and Mario Arlati invited him to share their studio in Via Nota, thus starting a work that would go on profitably for four intense years. It is during this period that the need to combine his two greatest passions, writing and painting, arose. Writing has always been the natural consequence of his thought. Thanks to a particular technique, the stitching, the words begin to find a home not only in the sheets but also in the canvases. Some paint landscapes, others portraits. For Rapetti the essence is another: to represent the graffiti of conscious humanity that walks along the path of life. Having found the leitmotif and the most congenial expressive form to him, his work enjoys success and the works begin to tour Italy and the world in a remarkable exhibition activity.

Among the group exhibitions we mention the prestigious seat of the Museo Della Permanente in Milan (October 2002), the Salon d’automne Paris, and Espace Charenton (November 2004), in 2006 we must mention the Mosca Mar’s contemporary art museumPalazzo Strozzi in Florence, the Riga Foreign Art Museum and the Grand Palais in Paris, between 2012 and 2013 at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, at the Crocetti Museum and the Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro, both in Rome.

Among the personal exhibitions, it is worth mentioning the Cà d’Oro Gallery in Rome in 2003 and the KPMG Foundation in Berlin in the same year, the Maretti Arte Monaco Gallery in Montecarlo and Villa Olmo in Como in 2004, the Albergo Delle Povere in Palermo in 2005, and the following year the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula. In 2010, with the De Chirico Foundation, he exhibited in three prestigious US museums and universities, such as N.Y. University and the Santa Monica L.A. Museum of Sculpture In recent years, the personal exhibitions at the Image Gallery of the Municipality of Rimini, at the Ca ‘d’Oro Gallery in Miami and at the Spazio Oberdan in Milan, as well as at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, are to be remembered. Worth noting is the invitation to exhibit at the 52nd Venice Biennale, in the Syrian Arab Republic Pavilion and in 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale, in the Italian Pavilion.

Lecturer at the European Center of Toscolano and at the Universities of the Image of Milan and New York, he has been invited as a speaker at numerous conferences, including the one held at the A. Pomodoro foundation and teaching in a Master’s degree at the Catholic University of Milan.